Interactive floor plan for growing teams

Seating chart for all your floors and buildings to quickly find people, rooms, utilities and desks in your office.

The essential office software finally available to everyone.
Human Resources
Onboard new employees
People new to your organization will love Deskradar. They will be able to navigate new environment as if it was their own home where they are familiar with everyone and everything.
Stay up-to-date in changing environment
Have the peace of mind during office moves, team restructuring and people joining or leaving your team.
Know the right people
Know exactly who is working in which role on which project in the team you are joining. Know exactly whom to reach out to for support.

Enterprise Ready

Deskradar integrates with all major cloud and on-premises identity providers to ensure smooth user experience.

Deskradar integrates with other Single Sign-On providers supporting SAML 2.0 authentication protocol.

Key Features

Interactive Floor Plan
Zoom and pan to focus on the details you need the most.
Enterprise Single Sign-On
Integrate Deskradar with on-premises or Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Google Suite etc.
Buildings and Floors
Create multiple floors and get an overview of all your locations around the world.
Staff Directory
Search your complete staff directory, view faces, roles and contact information.
Fuzzy Search
Relevant search result for queries with spelling inaccuracies.
Conference rooms, storage rooms, server rooms, rooms for rest and reception areas.
Utilities and Resources
Coffee machines, printers, device boards, medical and fire safety equipment.
Hot Desks
Fully equipped desks ready for anybody to work at.
Spare Desks
Unoccupied desks ready for the work place deployment by the IT department.
Product Tour
Take a product tour to view the Live Demo and have a closer look at the user interface and complete list of features.