Different perspective on so many levels

Create a new way for the employees in your organization to be connected within the team, between the teams and beyond just one office floor or building.

We built Deskradar to provide everyone in your organization with information about people and space around them.
Personal profiles and details about rooms and utilities are packed into markers on an interactive floor plan.
Multiple Floors
Upload floor plans for multiple floors and switch easily while in the floor plan view.
Locations Overview
All your building locations on a map. Campus buildings or international offices.
Enterprise Highlights
Features available upon request. Contact us to learn more.
Single Sign-On
Secure your Deskradar Cloud instance by integrating with your organization internal SSO identity provider software.
Data Import and Update
Easily import and update the data for the buildings, floors, employees and resources.
Access Permissions
Limit user access permissions to read-only and allow editing and administration for selected users only.
Premium Support
Extend your Deskradar with features designed and developed for your team by your requirements.

Deskradar integrates with all major cloud and on-premises identity providers to ensure smooth user experience.

Deskradar integrates with other Single Sign-On providers supporting SAML 2.0 authentication protocol.
Interactive Floor Plan
Zoom and pan to focus on the details you need the most.
Enterprise Single Sign-On
Integrate Deskradar with on-premises or Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Google Suite etc.
Staff Directory
Search your complete staff directory, view faces, roles and contact information.
Multiple Buildings
Create multiple buildings with multiple floors, add location information, image and notes.
Multiple Floors
Create multiple floors, upload floor plans and switch between them with ease.
Building Locations Overview
View all your campus buildings or all your international offices on a map.
Fuzzy Search
Relevant search result for queries with spelling inaccuracies.
Staff Profiles
Always get up-to-date personal profiles and contact data.
Conference rooms, storage rooms, server rooms, rooms for rest and reception areas.
Utilities and Resources
Coffee machines, printers, device boards, medical and fire safety equipment.
Hot Desks
Fully equipped desks ready for anybody to work at.
Spare Desks
Unoccupied desks ready for the work place deployment by the IT team.
Marker Status
Indicate people, rooms and resources being unavailable or working remotely. Add details with a status message.
Marker Visibility
Hide markers from the floor plan for staff not working in the office, but keep them in the staff directory.
Deep Linking
Send direct links to building, floor or marker details to your peers. Point to an exact spot on the floor plan.
Network Access Limit
Make Deskradar Cloud instance accessible from your office network only. Contact us to learn more.
Usage Tracking
Connect your own Google Analytics account to anonymously track the application usage. Contact us to learn more.
User Access Permissions
Limit user access permissions to read-only and allow editing and administration for selected users only.
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